Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety with your Baby Proofing cabinets or drawers. The magnetic locks are great because they are strong enough to keep your child out. They are quick and easy to install requiring no tools. Cool idea with the 3M adhesives. It took me about 5 minutes to install 4 locks.  

  • Solved the problem of your dog breaking into the treat cabinet. 
  • There are great baby proofing, and keeping annoying roommates out of cabinets.
  • Great product to baby-proof your cabinets and drawers (and keeps cats out too!)
  • These keep the babies out of the cabinets and are beautiful (because you don't see them at all!) 
  • Holds up to child care usage!

Let me know what is these magnetic cabinet locks cool function makes you happy 

View blow instructions installation Video learn how to install magnetic baby locks. 

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