Magnetic Cabinet Locks Work for a Corner Cabinets

Magnetic Cabinet Locks Work for a Corner Cabinets

Unlike most of the similar items on Amazon, this one comes with an alignment tool to make installation much easier, and screws if you need instead of using the included 3M tape. I have these installed the normal way, and even have one installed on it's side for a corner cabinet and it works great.

When I was installing, I noticed while on one of my cabinets that it wasn't going into the locked position. I was able to figure out that the reason why was because there was some kind of ferrous metal hidden in the cabinet to fasten it together. If you use the included magnetic key to check the area first, you should have no issue, I moved mine only about an inch and it works fine now.

I would not attempt to use this on any metal cabinet (at least anything with ferrous metal, i.e. iron, steel) as the contacts in the unit themselves are magnetic and can keep the unit from locking.

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by Vmaisi Safety

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