How to Install Vmaisi Magnetic Cabinet Locks for Childproof the House

Simple to Install With Cradle Tool

These magnetic locks work great. The little jig/template (“cradle” so punny lol) that comes with it for installing the lock and the strike on these inside the cabinets is really nice.

- Try to find a measurement that works the same for all your doors (unless you’re forced to use the lock in different locations)
- It’s never a bad idea to do a test/dry fit before removing the sticker, checking for obstructions
- Use the magnet key to check your intended locations for metal inside the wood, the lock will be stuck open if there’s a nail or staple in the wood under the lock
- Only put the strike on the “cradle”, make sure it’s inserted all the way into the template and remove the sticker backer
- Use a combo square to keep the same height and help keep the “cradle” with the strike fully inserted and flush (flat) to where the door would be
- Firmly push and hold the “cradle” with strike (2-3 seconds) in place and keep the “cradle” attached
- Flip the lever on the lock to keep it open, so it will stay retracted
- Remove the sticker backer from the lock and place it on the “cradle” that is still on the strike
- Close the door with a push near the lock
- Open the door, remove the “cradle”, flip the lever to lock and test it
- Adjust if necessary

childproofing locks installation

The “cradle” may bind/get caught a little bit when you are opening the door but mine was fine. You still may need to adjust the location of the lock on the cabinet door if it doesn’t open or close properly but with the “cradle” you’re going to be extremely close if not dead on.

I had to adjust a lock I put vertically on a small door because I have only 6 1/2” from the pivot point on the hinge to the strike. I have to use the lock to open and close this door because I don’t have the minimum distance required for normal function. I’m not sure what this distance is but I know it will be different based on the hinge type and is greater than 6 1/2” to the strike from a swing clear hinge pivot point.

I’m the type to overbuild because I only want to have to do it once but not even I put the screws in on these strikes or locks. The shear strength from the sticker is incredible, expect nothing less from 3M. Worse comes to worse I can always add screws if it ever falls off. I would recommend pre drilling if that’s the route you choose.


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